three on…tuesday?

Yep.  That’s right.  Three on Tuesday this week. =) 1. It’s November, and that means there’s a brand new gallery over at Write.Click.Scrapbook.  This month was a totally unique and fun theme called Young Me/Now Me based on this blog.  The idea is you find a photograph of yourself (or someone else) at least 10Continue reading “three on…tuesday?”

three on thursday: fall edition

Here’s what we love about fall: 1.  Pumpkins and pumpkin patches 2. Hiking in the canyon and watching the changing leaves 3. Apples, apples, and more apples What do you love about fall? These photos are from our fall break this weekend.  Among other things we took a trip to a nearby farm, and enjoyed a hike in theContinue reading “three on thursday: fall edition”

three on thursday: make that a double please

So I’ve gotten into doing more 2 page layouts recently. I guess partly because that’s what lots of the magazine calls are looking for (you get paid more for those babies), and partly because I sometimes have so many photos I want to scrap they only fit on 2 pages. I thought I’d share 3Continue reading “three on thursday: make that a double please”

three on thursday: scrapping things

So, lately I’ve been thinking about photographing things other than people–places, objects, etc. I really enjoy it. I actually think I’m better at it than I am at photographing people, LOL! I’ve also been thinking about why we photograph and scrapbook things, so I browsed through my albums and found some pages about things. IContinue reading “three on thursday: scrapping things”

three on thursday: wall decal project

I promised my daughters we could do a partial redecoration of their room when we move, and add a few fun new goodies. So I ordered these wall decals from AllModern.com since they both fell in love with them. Because they can be removed and repositioned with out damaging the walls, we decided to goContinue reading “three on thursday: wall decal project”

Three on Thursday

1. Summer Squash Soup is in da house y’all!! I am SO enjoying this mid-season release from Jillibean Soup with it’s bright fun summer colors, and adorable patterns. Aren’t those little fishies the best?!? My kids worked their “clam mines” for hours while we were at the beach over Spring Break. Good times. (click onContinue reading “Three on Thursday”