Ever wanted to try digital?

Then head on over to write.click.scrapbook. because this week the lovely and talented Autumn Baldwin is hosting and she will be answering some of our readers’ questions about getting started in digital scrapbooking. She is also sharing some awesome journaling tips you won’t want to miss. And, for you more advanced digital scrappers, a specialContinue reading “Ever wanted to try digital?”

A few happy reminders

Go HERE now!! Write.Click.Scrapbook. launches today. (In case you missed my previous post, read about it here.) Be prepared for major scrappy happiness people. This is big. When you’re done at Write.Click.Scrapbook, go HERE!! It’s raffle week at The Scrap Review, and people there are $2,000 worth of prizes being raffled. Let me say thatContinue reading “A few happy reminders”