it happened like this


1. Has been trying to hire a post-doc, a grad student, and a part time vet tech.  Is finding out that it isn’t so easy…
2. Sadly, his instrument grant was turned down, but he’s working on another grant right now, and waiting to hear back about one more.
3. He bravely accompanied the boys on a nordic scout campout in the high Uintahs.  They had to travel on snowmobiles for 20 miles to get to the campsite, and dig snow caves to sleep in, but they all came home happy.


1. Took a trip to LA for the Craft and Hobby Association conference and trade show.  Had a great time reporting on new trends and products, meeting online friends, and visiting with my wonderful parents.  Derek was camping with the boys that weekend, so his Mom and sister hosted a sleepover with the girls.
2. Creating Keepsakes magazine came over to photograph my craft room for an upcoming issue.  It was fun to watch Erin, the editor and her photog hubby at work.  I even convinced her to take a photo of me getting my head shot taken.
3. Had a wonderful birthday!  Got to spend the day at a women’s conference, shopping, attending the temple, and going out to dinner with my hubby.  The goods: new clothes, a new touch screen cell phone, a new CD, and a new Kitchen Aid mixer.


1. Enjoyed his field trip to Hill AFB and Gateway Mall with his auto-learner model class.  Got to see the behind-the-scenes at the mall and was pretty impressed.
2. Did a research project on Marie Curie for the Night of the Notables for school.  He had to do a poster presentation, bring some items to represent her, provide a snack from her country, and dress up as her.  (Obviously he wasn’t paying attention in class for that part!)  He decided to dress as her husband and fellow scientist, Pierre Curie.
3.Got a great score on his solo for the band solo and ensemble festival at school.  I got to accompany him on the piano–it was so fun!


1. Played O Holy Night on the trumpet for a French class project.
2. Was selected to represent the Jr. High at the Northern Utah Regional Math Competition at USU in Logan.
3. Is receiving a state math award at a ceremony at BYU.
4. Recently purchased an older Star Wars PC game and joystick with some money he earned doing extra jobs around the house.  He LOVES to play it.


1. Did a great Science Fair project on regrowing plant roots, and really enjoyed it.
2. Has been working on her side splits and almost has them.  Her ballet class gets ice cream sundaes when they do.
3. Is meeting with an orthodontist for a consult next week.  Was that my wallet that just screamed, “OUCH”?  She’s anxious to get her smile straightened out.


1. Was cast as the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.  She is SO excited!  It’s the perfect role for her.
2. Her best friend, Emma, recently lost her baby brother.  It’s been so sad, but this family has dealt with this in an amazing way.  Lexie went to the funeral with me and sobbed the whole way through.  She gave Emma a special picture of Jesus with a little boy about the baby brother’s age so Emma can remember who’s babysitting her brother until they see him again.
3. Has been meeting with a therapist weekly, after being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and ADHD.  Really enjoys her appointments, and I’m really happy with him–he does a great job.
4. Got her hair cut short, and she looks adorable!


1. Favorites: “talking” on the phone with whoever calls, climbing on tables/furniture, hugging and patting Derek on the shoulder when he gets home, snuggling any time of day or night, dropping toys, etc through the space in between the stairs and down to the basement.  Head’s up!
2. Has a very unique language–knows she should create sentences even if there’s only one recognizable word (or none at all).
3. New words/phrases: when we go outside: ah-code? (are you cold?), coo! (cool!), cookie (she knows that one really well), when she follows Mom or Dad into the bathroom: ah-guhd-ah-guhd-ah tee tee (I gotta go tee tee), ee-oh-ee-oh-ee-oh shoes? (do you want to wear your shoes?), ya okay? (when someone gets hurt).

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